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At Last

(Elizabeth Akers Allen)



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The Garden of Love

(Willian Blake)



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A Moment of Passion

(Kev Elmer)



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Somnet 17

(Pablo Neruda)


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Give All to Love


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I do Love You!



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Fascinating Love


Oriza Martins


Fantastic moments we have together ,

Full of promises that we swear,

Rich of affections, pleasure and emotion....


Intense sighs and loving looks,

Golden moments as the summer sun...


The breeze that blows at the sunset hour,

That brings a little of cold to others,

Relights  our entire desire...

No winds extinguishes this flame

That involves us in romance and passion,

Because our love is very fascinating!


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Love poem by Oriza Martins

Beyond Love

Love poem by Oriza

Love Prayer for Lovers

Prayer for Lovers

May the love...

May the love...


Teen Love

Teen Love

Love Poem by Goethe

Love Poem by Goethe

Pablo Neruda - Love Poems

Pablo Neruda - Love Poems


Valentine's poem

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Friendship Messages

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Friends Forever - by Oriza Martins

True Friendships

Friends Forever - by Oriza Martins

Friends Forever

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